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Do you struggle to reach your goals ?

Do you feel stuck in your life ? 

At SATORI FACTORY we thrive by sharing the LOVE of flying and creating SUCCESS in others.  Let us close the gap between where you are now, and where you want to be.


We believe that being immerse in outstanding situations with the guidance of an experienced mentor can offer the best return in term of mastering new skills and transforming your life for the better. 


Learn more about our workshops:

paragliding progression program and micro adventure in Chile


personnal coaching focus on dynamic flying

Indoor flying

creative workshop focus on capturing nordic lights and outdoor activities north of norway

Chasing lights

The Satori Factory invitational is a creative workshop, where 4 teams chosen by Satori Factory

have 4 days to shoot and edit a 4 minutes video.


An uneforgetable experience:

your first skydive in the heart of the Alps with Jokke Sommer and Petter Mazzetta

Freefly the world 
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