What suit do you recommend for tunnel flying ?

When it comes to learn how to fly in the tunnel, we want to experience the effect of the wind on your body, devellop the awarness of air pressure on our body and fine tune our position to find the most efficient way to fly. For those reasons we recommand to fly modern tight suit, it will most likely make your life a little bit more dificult at first but it will offer the best return for a long term devellopment of your skills. Alex flies with the TONFLY FLEX and he loves it. And if you are on the budget, you should look at the Neosport suit, around 30€ this suit proved to be good enough for wind tunnel flying, the main downside being a low durability.

What camera do you use for skydiving ?

My current set up is: - Panasonic GH5. - Gopro hero black - TONFLY 2.5X helmet - concentric ringsight, a must have for accurate framing - Optima II audible (x2)

What editing software do you use ?

I edit with premiere pro, Abobe CC suite.

How much time should I fly in the tunnel ?

if you want to devellop your flying skills, the straight forward answer is "as much as possible" only the finance should limit your indoor flying activity. That being say there is strategy to make the best of each minute of flying: 1/ define your goal ! “ Without goal, you can’t score” 2/ choose wisely your mentor according to your goal 3/ elaborate a training schedule according to your goals, and your finance, keeping in mind that you need to fine tune a good balance, between consistency, rest, integration time and your finance. If you feel confuse about how to set a strategy by yourself, we can help you; we developed the concept of “progression program” with those factors in mind. We are thriving by contributing to your success, so feel free to contact us and we'll elaborate a plan to help you reach your full potential in the shortest amount of time.