The concept:
The Satori Factory invitational is a creative workshop, where 4 teams chosen by Satori Factory have 4 days to shoot and edit a 4 minutes video, in a 150 km radius around Bodyflight stockholm. 
Our goal is to FLY, PLAY and share the LOVE of flying. We are proud to say that this invitational is not a competition and we will be giving away 5 hours of tunnel time so you can enjoy flying with us too".    
All you need to do is enter the online giveaway. 

4 Teams, 1 Mission: FLY PLAY and share the LOVE of flying 

Lauri Aapro
Inka Titto
Richard Scheurich
Claudio Cagnasso
Antonio Aria
Will Penny
Yohann Aby
Martin Kristensen
Domi Kiger
Jokke Sommer
Max Haim