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Never stop learning

Updated: Dec 5, 2021

Learning how to fly is not only about performing correct body positions, it is a complex mix of skills including body, mental and emotional control.

With this in mind, we hosted a new type of tunnel camp at Flyspot Katowice, collaborative work between three coaches covering a broad range of flying skills and a professional physio & hypnotherapist, hosting 15 participants.

On top of flying in the tunnel, our participants had the opportunity to warm up every day with a yoga session, learn how to do visualisation work, increase their body awareness and balance with some handstand exercises, get massages and hypnoses session.

Our goal was to grow every aspect that contributes to an enjoyable and fast learning curve. How to find balance in challenging situations, to enjoy flirting at the edge of our comfort zone, to understand the value of failure and to maintain a positive mindset regardless the outcome, knowing that success is right around the corner waiting for us to happen whenever we'll be ready for it.

The results we got from this first experiment give us confirmation that tunnel flying is an incredible learning tool to discover ourselves and master new skills beyond flying.

To be continued, don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter if you want to be informed about our future tunnel camps.

Some words from the participants:


"I learn more about myself (body map and mind) in this camp than ever on my life."

Anthony (yellow suit)

"These few days in Flyspot, Katowice were really more than a regular tunnel camp. The concept of sharing and putting in the main place the notions of wellness, physical and psychological work was something new and really interesting. Of course everyone after 2 or 3 hours flying make progress but we didn't see bad feelings only smiles as if the notion of failing just disappear. Even into the tunnel... Almost no briefing and so no pressure but just feelings, mimicry and happiness. The intake of the yoga sessions, meditation, visualization and the general context of open-mindedness make us grow in a psychological and spiritual way and help us to evacuate hurting feelings (often really old and totally unlinked with the tunnel) we all kept deeply buried. So we could break that chains and restart in healthier bases... Love happiness and sharing"

Tristan (red suit)

"Juste complètement dingue"

"Simply totally insane"


"In my opinion, the success of this experience is due to Marine ability to recenter myself in a good psychological place and give me back confidence after a first difficult day when I start to struggle and imagine I would not be able to get anything positive from this experience..

Conclusion: High quality coaching with "Veush" (Vincent Cotte) + efficient mental guidance with Marine + sharing with all the participants = total success."


"I feel very lucky to have been part of this camp. I hadn't been skydiving for 3 years due to injuries, and even if skydiving and tunneling are very different, it was a test for me to know if I still wanted to skydive and if my body could stand it. Anyway, I still arrived with other classical expectations like managing to sit fly and stuffs I had done before… I left Katowice learning much more: the joy of flying. I realised that until now I was falling not flying. (...) I also learned a lot about myself and how I function thanks to all the discussions aside. This will of course help in every field of my life."

A very special thanks to Johanna, who share her knowledge and guide us through yoga session.

The hosts:

Marine Descols // organiser

Physio and hypnotherapist

Next Level wingsuit coach

Jenny Norin // coach

Joy Riders members

Women world record holder

Student in psychology

Vincent Cotte // coach

Professional skydiver and tunnel coach

Former sport and gymnastique teacher.

Base jump expert

Alex Aimard // coach

Well, if you read this post all the way to here you probably already know a bit about me, if you curious to know more you can visit this page: my profile

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