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Road map towards sustainability

Updated: Dec 5, 2021

Last updated: 29 oct 2018

Are you familiar with the 4 stages of competence?

1. Unconscious Incompetence

In unconscious incompetence, the learner isn’t aware that a skill or knowledge gap exists.

2. Conscious Incompetence

In conscious incompetence, the learner is aware of a skill or knowledge gap and understands the importance of acquiring the new skill. It’s in this stage that learning can begin.

3. Conscious Competence

In conscious competence, the learner knows how to use the skill or perform the task, but doing so requires practice, conscious thought and hard work.

4. Unconscious Competence

In unconscious competence, the individual has enough experience with the skill that he or she can perform it so easily they do it unconsciously.

At the moment Im writing those lines we are positioning ourselves in between stage 2 and 3. Our goal is to move all the way to stage 4 and inspire other to do the same.

Here is what we are aiming to do to reach this goal:

Video is indeed our favorite medium of communication.

The angle week 2018 event was a unique opportunity to capture the current status quo within the skydiving community about climate change and Co2 emission.

"To strive for progress instead of perfection."

Doing the small thing today, regardless of how small they are, is the starting point of a better future.

It all starts by education: ignorance is not bliss, education and knowledge are the premises of progress. The more we dive in the problem and the more we can understand the complexity of the situation and the needs to take action.

read more:

- read "Kiss the ground"

- the impact of our diet

- a short video about carbon offset

Visit my skydive footprint to:

➡ Calculate your emissions ➡ Compare yourself to the average EU citizen ➡ Learn how to potentially compensate those emissions

This is some of the most common questions and reactions we got around this topic:

How can you pretend to lead by example while engaging in fossil fuel hungry activities?

All Satori's current source of income are at the moment dependant of those activities and as many other places in society today we need a transition time to evolve in a sustainable way. We are far to be perfect and we are doing our best to move towards progress.

There is no proof that climate change is driven by Co2 emissions. Carbon footprint and so forth is a load of political baloney to enforce new tax by the government.

Here we got a simple logic problem to solve, even if climate change isn't happening or isn't man made what do we lose by incorporating preventative measures?

Understanding the acidification of the ocean phenomena is a great example.

About one-third of the C02 emission due to human activities has been absorbed by the oceans and threaten the biodiversity, destroying the corals and killing phytoplankton. This is undeniable facts and basic chemistry. The biodiversity is greatly affected by human activities regardless if climate change is man made or not.

We can reduce air pollution, solve the acidification of the ocean problem, decrease our dependence to the finite source of energy in another word increase our individual freedom, and at the same time prevent an existential threat regardless if we believe climate change is man made or not.

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