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A glimpse into Sarek national park

Updated: Dec 5, 2021

Sarek is truly a one-of-a-kind National park. Located in northern Sweden, above the arctic circle, it is consider to be the last true wilderness area in Europe. There are no marked trails, no cabins, not even a road leading to the entrance of the park.

To access this place, you must walk.

Unaffected by the modern world, Sarek is in my eyes the perfect playground for the kind of adventure I’m looking for. In October 2018 I went there for a 7 days solo mission. Alone, with no detailed map, no defined goal, no book, no music, just my camera and a notebook.

It might sound odd to make such choices but I reckon these are the reasons why this kind of adventures can be so rewarding.

Wandering in the park, I had no real specific goal except to reach the top of Mount Skierfe to see the Rapala delta from above, where I spent two nights, only to observe the landscape.

I was blessed to not cross a soul for the whole trip besides few hordes of wild reindeers.

What an incredible gift from life !

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