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Why you should start to freedive

Updated: Dec 5, 2021

Would you believe me if I tell you that in just a 3 days course only you will most likely hold your breath around 3 min and dive deeper than 25 meters?

Yes I know the feeling, I didn’t believe it myself and yet by the end of the course, I reached 30 meters and hold my breath +5 min, as well as most of my friends that did the course. Of course, no one can guarantee how it will go for you but know that it is possible.

How is it possible ?

The freediving introduction course is about redefining the basic assumption most of us have about the human physiology behave underwater, as well as understanding how the breath influence emotion and performance.

Breaking assumption:

If you ever try to hold your breath, you are probably familiar with this “oh my god, I'm gonna die” feeling that occur after just a few seconds. Well, this feeling is actually misinterpreted, this is happening not because we are lacking oxygen but because the increase of co2 in our bloodstream. Co2 is the byproduct of using oxygen as a fuel for our body. The uncomfortable feeling that occurs while holding your breath is actually about getting rid of this co2 by exhaling, not about death being around the corner because lack of oxygen.

Truth is that we are actually genetically programmed to perform under water. Our body knows when we are underwater and several physiological processes happen in order to increase our performance. This is called the mammalian dive reflex and we share it such as dogs, cows, whales, and every other mammal. And this can be trained.

I'm not gonna develop here the mechanism of the dive reflex, my point being about the understanding that our assumption can create a limitation in our performance.

Who taught you how to breathe?

Well, there is a big chance that no one did, and it was my case until I start freediving.

To put conscious intention in the breath is one of the most simple things we can do, and yet one of the most powerful. The breath act as a remote control of our emotion and focus, it influences heartbeat and anchors our conscious attention within our body which allows for better focus.

For some reason, it is not yet part of the common skills we should all learn at an early age.

I have a good news: it is never too late.

Beyond freediving:

In my eye freediving is much more than an underwater sport, it is a brain firmware update that can possibly enhance your life as it did for me.

Diving performance as well as enjoying the feeling of diving are directly related to how you prime your body and mind by using the breath and the way you reframe your assumption.

On top of that, you got to experience the underwater world in a totally new way, and I didn't even mention the feeling of freefall. But for that you can listen to Martin Kristensen sharing his combine experience about flying and freediving, in my favorite video project to date: FREEFALL.

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