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We are human.
We are not perfect. We are alive.
We try things. We make mistakes.
We stumble. We fall. We get hurt.
We rise again. We try again.
We keep learning. We keep growing.
And we are thankful for this priceless 
opportunity called life.

Ritu Ghatourey

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We are planting a forest 

At Satori Factory, we love to travel, skydive and have fun with our friends from all over the world.

Today the reality of the ecological crisis forces us to rethink how we live our lives. Instead of choosing to do less and stop doing what we love, we want to do more, better, smarter ...

We can’t go through a single day without having an impact on the planet. But what if we would make our choices in order to create a positive impact, a positive footprint?

This year we pledge to plant trees for every skydive and every hour we spend in the tunnel.
We will support the “Trees for the future” non-profit.


Not only do they plant trees, but they also help educate farmers to implement permaculture farming techniques that regenerate the soil and help families to get out of poverty. We strongly believe that taking action about ecology without taking care of the social aspect is an incomplete approach. 

We take our roots in skydiving but carbon compensation isn’t only for those who skydive. We all have a footprint on this planet and it should be the new normal to compensate for our emissions. 

Ending hunger

The Forest Garden Approach ends hunger for most families after the first year. Only 13% of the project participants were food secure when they joined the program, and after just 12 months of planting Forest Gardens, 86% of our farmers are food secure.

Ending poverty

Through the Forest Garden Approach, "trees for the future" are impacting the lives of their farmers and children and give a chance for the kid to get an education; growing food and growing minds.

Ending deforestation

By decreasing the use of destructive farming practices such as burning, clearing and plowing, Forest Gardens reduce deforestation by eliminating farmers' dependence on forests for food, timber, and many other non-timber forest products.

Join the CLEAN AIR FORCE by supporting our effort in this fundraiser.

We guarantee you full transparency: 100% of the donations will go to "Trees for the Future" through the go fund me fundraiser. Satori Factory will not touch a cents from your donations. 


Learn more about "Trees for the future"

and the forest garden solution to tackle social and ecological challenges.

Join our mailing to keep in touch with the progress of this campain.


Visit"my skydiving footprint" the website that helps you to calculate your skydiving footprint.


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"Trees for the Future" is not only about capturing C02 by planting trees, but also supporting poor communities and restoring soil in desertic area. 

There is a relationship between social and ecological issues that can't be solved independently from one to another.

Previous achievement

Intro web give away.jpg

Summer giveaway 2019 :

This giveaway was aiming at inspiring our followers to engage in sustainable and outdoor activities.

We partnered with:


Mini documentary :

The angle week 2018 event was a unique opportunity to capture the current status quo within the skydiving community about climate change and CO2 emission.

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