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Paragliding Beginner Course


23rd Oct - 1st Nov 2023


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About This Workshop 

This unique progression program was born out of a deep desire to offer students an unparalleled learning experience on their paragliding journey. Unlike traditional paragliding schools teaching large groups with a one-size-fits-all approach due to economic pressures, Eric and Alex have come together to break away from these limitations.


Our approach focuses on providing a highly personalized learning experience, with a maximum of two students per instructor. This ensures that we can adapt to each student's natural rhythm, enhancing the quality of their learning journey with the possibility of truly adapting the pedagogic approach to every individual's needs.

Similar to how people learn how to fly a plane or a helicopter, you will begin by flying in a tandem paraglider to have direct contact with your instructor during flight, gradually gaining more control and autonomy with each step of the progression. This hands-on approach allows for a deep understanding of piloting, with the constant presence of a qualified instructor providing invaluable clues and direct feedback, impossible to convey verbally with a radio as commonly done in traditional courses. In conjunction with extensive ground handling practice to master canopy control and the necessary theoretical knowledge to fly independently, you will execute your first flight with a high level of autonomy and proficiency when you are truly ready.

Eric and Alex are driven by a genuine passion to provide you with the best fondation possible to start in the sport. You can confidently embark on your paragliding journey, knowing that you have the necessary skills and knowledge to thrive in the sport.

Our implicit goal with this course is to start a long-term mentorship by organizing a full progression program with SIV course, thermal flying, cross country, and why not explore together some travel destinations, Maroc, Chile … 

Let’s GO !!!


The course is taking place in Nazaré, Portugal, about 1h drive from Lisbon international airport.

Nazaré's central location provides easy access to various flying spots with different wind orientations. The abundance of beaches in Nazaré provides ample opportunities for ground handling practice in soft sand. The combination of these factors makes Nazaré an excellent choice for the course. 


The course start the 23rd of October. 

We are planning for a total of 10 days, with 8 days allocated for activities and 2 days reserved in case of bad weather conditions.


We are offering a full package including the pedagogic fee and a set of brand new equipment (canopy, harness helmet, radio).

Expect a more expensive price than a regular course due to the ratio instructor/student, please apply to the course to have a full breakdown about the cost of the course.

Your Workshop Hosts:

Alex Aimard

Alex Aimard

Eric Varlet

Alex Aimard
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